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The work of Nathan Yoder

“While being creative with my hands has always been of interest to me, Illustration has always been something that I’ve particularly been passionate about. And although I can’t say the same for design, once I was old enough to be intentional with my art and realized that by being intentional with it, that I was doing design, I decided that it wasn’t so bad either. I combine these two focuses with my love for typography to create hand crafted pieces inspired by my surroundings. My love for music is also a strong source of inspiration and though I don’t write songs, I do like to think that the words in my artwork stand as the lyrics to the songs that I present visually.”

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Christoph Gey    |    http://christoph-gey.de

“VARA Design is a tink tank organization specialized in interior design, architecture and branding. They are based in Oman. “Vara” in Indian languages means “Straight Line” and in Sanskrit it means “Boon”. Vara follows the rule “less is more” and gives strong emphasis to lines and forms. I was asked, to create the logo and Corporate Design.”

Good Design is light, nearly floating, it starts to groove and suddenly it grabs you by the balls. That’s the point of view I’m taking and implementing in my daily work as a Junior Art Director, Graphic Designer and Illustrator.

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Lauren Earl    |    http://behance.net/LaurenEarl

“Currently, information on the topic of flatting provides very limited answers or guidance to better prepare first time flatters, or to help overcoming situations which may arise in this environment. The ‘Flathates Handbook’ provides a detailed, yet creative and captive, option to fill this gap of information. Through discussions with experienced flatters, the book has been developed to share real life situations and scenarios making the content more relatable to its readers. It uses humour and unpredictability to ensure one is more prepared for flatting and to enhance their overall flatting experience.”

Graphic designer based in Wellington, New Zealand. Focused on graphic design, illustration and typography

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Kunst und Kritik

Mesmerising work from Kunst and Kritik. Risky colour scheme that bodes well with the black and grayscale imagery and type. Completely immersed in this brief, great work with the body text and structure of visuals alongside.

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